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To Be Or Not To Be . . . FREE!!!

(author unknown)

Within the United States of America lies a large industrial city
that is the sight of one of the world's largest slave labor camps.

Located in and around the center of this city are community
settlements where the slaves live.

Each morning the slaves move herd-like from their quarters into the
slave labor camps.

Each one is at his or her station by 7:30 AM. Here they report to
their master for the day's duties. And here they remain chained
until 5:00 PM when they're released to go home.

The slaves have no choice as to how many hours they must labor.
Sometimes they are required to work overtime until their master
tells them they may leave and go home.

Each year the slaves are told when to take their vacations, for how
long, and when they must return.

They have little choice as to how much money they earn as they are
paid not what they are worth, but what the job is worth.

They are allowed very little time for lunch and coffee breaks during
the labor hours.

The slaves will remain in their chains in great fear because the
master can punish them with the "firing" or "layoff" whip.

It is said that even some of the older slaves who have been good and
faithful have felt the sting of the whip.

Day by day, year-by-year, the slaves toil and grow older until the
master decides it is time to release them to the retirement camps
where they're forced to sit idle and wait for death.

It's a well-known fact that the old slaves who try to keep working
are sometimes whipped with a "stoptheir-pension" whip.

I know these slave camps exist for I once was a slave.

But now I am a free man who lives among the slaves.

The reason I am free is because I am in business for myself.

Yes, I am truly free!

I arise in the morning called for by my schedule!

I decide my own hours!

I can even sleep in late while the slaves are at work!
I can vacation when, where, and for how long I please!

I'm free to take my coffee break and lunch when I decide!

And of course, I can decide my own paycheck because I am not a slave!

I can choose to work when and where I please and with whom I please!

I'm free to stay in the city for as long as I want, or to move on to
greener pastures if I decide to!

I've seen many slaves sadly pack their belongings to leave their
city in search of a new master, but it is always the same.

There is however, a ray of hope for the slave.

He or she can buy their own freedom.

The cost is not high, yet it seems high to those who do not have the
courage to pay the price.

What is the price?

One must be willing to be their own master.


* * * [Under GOD Definitely - John 8:32]  * * *

The Kingdom Way To Being Financially Free

So Do You Really Want To Experience This For Yourself & Your Loved Ones?

Or Maybe You Just Need A Bit Of A Helping Hand Finding The Way...


 . . . It's A Brand NEW DAY And Everything's Going To Be OKAY . . .

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How To Pay For Christmas?

Wow, where did 2011 go?  Can you believe we are in
December already?  That means Christmas is just around the
corner...  will you be ready?
Were you happy with your financial results for 2011? 
I wanted to talk to you about how you can be ready for Christmas
and have a great start to 2012!
Did you know that December is one of the biggest months of
the year for the Home Business Industry?  In fact last December
was one of my best months ever.. and this year will be no
I wanted to share with you what I call my "winning combination" ...
I have three main programs that I promote.  Each of them work
together to create a combination that appeals to every single
person out there.  And I mean everyone! In fact each one of
these are also powerful programs all own their own...
My main program that I've been promoting for the last two
years or so ... is the Secret Formula Webinar or also known
as the "Pizza Box" program. This has been a solid 5 figure monthly
income for 2 years. 
This is a Top Tier program that pays out 100% commissions
of $1497 and $3497 per sale. The great news is that we have a
$200 down financing option where 100% are approved, which
opens this program up to almost everyone.  That's right, you can get a
full-blown $3497 position for only $200 down.  Be sure  to contact
me by phone or email if you are interested in the finance option
and I can send the details over to you...
Be sure to check it out here: 
Take a look at the video from last Holiday Season and you will
see why December is a huge month!
About three months ago, I came accross a program that was F.ree
to get started. No out of pocket expense at all....  Even though my
main program has a $200 down financing option, not everyone has
$200 to spend.  So this is a perfect program for those with little to
no cash available. 
I have been averaging about 2-3 Hundred a day with this great
little program.  This program includes the webinar site, training
site, auto-responders.... everything  included and it's totally ZERO
out-of-pocket to get started! The program is called ZNZ.  This is
a great program to get started in.  Generate a couple of referrals
and you have the cash to get into the Pizza Box program!  A great
way to leverage your way in.
Take a look a this F.REE program here: 
The above two programs are great and generate me a ton of money.
But they  have no residual income tied to it.  So that's where my third
program comes in. The Empower Network. 100% Direct Deposit
Commission Payments.I have only been promoting this for about 2
weeks or so and I have built close to a 1k monthly residual income. 
This is income that will come in month after month! 
And the best part is ... It's only $25 to get started.
Check it out:  CLICK HERE!
If you are looking for a great Christmas or a great start to 2012 you
can't go wrong with any of the programs above.  They all work great
separately or you  can use them as a combination to generate yourself
an incredible income for  Christmas and for 2012.    No matter what
your current financial situation is, there is a program to fit your needs! 
Call or Skype me if you have any questions at all!
Here's to a great Christmas and 2012!
Babs Adejuwon

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$160,000 from DAILY CASH in his First YEAR!

Lots of people have joined this great business,
$1,000's worth of paid signups originated from 

simple ads online.

This can happen for you, too!

I'd like to share this message with you, it's 
from one of my sponsors, he earned over  
$160,000 with EZ Wealth Solution in his first 
year, $11,000 of that was in his first month, 
so he knows what he's talking about:

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Level 1. While she was thinking about
whether or not to upgrade to the higher
Levels, she had someone who DID upgrade
to ALL 5 Levels within 24 hours.

Please understand this: With the New
"HOW IT WORKS" Movie, people get it
and join us immediately. And, many of
them will be coming in at the higher Levels.

Now, here's what happened to this Reseller
who came in at only Level 1. Levels 2 & 3
was passed up to her Sponsor. Levels
4 & 5 ($1,494)
"rolled-up" to the next person
qualified at those Levels. So, she missed
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You are going to hear about this happening
more and more because people LOVE this
business and it's simple to understand.
So, if you can, be sure to upgrade to ALL
5 Levels as soon as you can, so you don't
miss out on anything. Plus, you will get
qualified faster and make more money!
Remember this: you only pay once for
each Level and when qualified at ANY of
the Levels, you NEVER have to qualify

You are able to then earn UNLIMITED
$47-$97-$247-$497 & $997 payments
FOR LIFE!!! Oh, and don't forget ALL
the "pass-ups" and "roll-ups" you'll get!
Now, let's get more people to watch the
"HOW IT WORKS" movie!

10-minute movie:

John, who earned $17,000 in his first 2 months,

Sharon, who earned $36,000+ in her first 2 months!

Jim, who earned $60,000+ in his first 2 & a half months!!

Please watch the ENTIRE 10-minute "HOW IT WORKS"
video and fill in the short questionnaire at the end, I greatly
appreciate it! Also if you can mention that you saw this ad
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I hope to see you in my EZ WEALTH SOLUTION payline soon!


Babs Adejuwon

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Do You Really Want To Earn 100% Commissions?

The 100% Commission "Direct Bank Deposits" Compensation Plan



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$1,000,221.20 in 3 weeks :) Is This Real?

I just got this email from Dave Wood. It will explain
everything. Just read it…….

—-Fwd Email—–

I don’t really know what to say right now.
A minute ago, I happened to be logged
in to the back office down at Empower
…and I refreshed the screen:

admin pic 1

Now I didn’t know how much money
we had paid out to the people until
that moment…
…and I went into a minute of pure suspense.
I called my partner David Sharpe – and I
“Dave, Dave – login man, we’ve almost
paid people a MILLION dollars in 3
He said – “no way”
So Dave logged in…
…we refreshed the screen.
…so we refreshed it again.

You won’t believe what we saw…
…so I’ll just show you:
admin pic 2
$1,000,221.20 paid OUT to the people…
Just decide to take action.
I can’t tell you the way I feel right now.
Because we just pulled off a million
dollar launch…
…in 3 weeks.

This launch was different, though.
Because this launch wasn’t about
the Gurus – it was about empowering
the people.
This launch didn’t put $1,000,221.20
into my pocket…
…this launch put $1,000,221.20 into
YOUR pocket.

No Gurus participated.

This was ALL the people.

The nobodies – who have now
became somebody – because the
had a dream, and never, ever quit.
Congratulations Empower Network.
In 3 1/2 short weeks…
…you and I have changed history.
If you’re in the Empower Network,
I just wanted to tell you how grateful
I am.

You guys have made my dream a
We’ve struggled.
We’ve had legal issues.
I’ve been in a hotel for 3 weeks straight,
and haven’t seen my wife almost at

We’ve had merchant issues.
We’ve had international issues.
Yet you and I have overcame them all.


You’ve done it.
What will we do in the next 3 weeks?
Join Here.
Here’s a list of people I could not have
done this without (note, that I can’t list
all 8,324 members of the Empower

First – my wife Ashley. This lady was
there with me since the beginning.
She believed in me when I was no one.
Because of her, I became someone.

Thank you Ashley.

I love you.

Second, Dave Sharpe – without your
conversions genius, there’s no way
we would have a sales video that
gets 25% of everyone who opts
in to buy something…

…you are a genius man – and youw
were there with me, not sleeping for
weeks on end, dumping every bit of
money you had along with myself
to make this work.

I appreciate you dude – but it’s just
the beginning.

Finally, our programmer – I’m not
going to mention you by name – but
I know you’ll see this bro.

Without you, we would be another
fatality of technology not keeping
up with the people – you rock bro :)
I’d give you a hug – but you think that’s
wierd :)

Most importantly – these are the MOST
important people in The Empower Network…
…our LEADERS :)

To See it Now:

Or Betterstill Join them Now:

Here is a list of all of the people who
have made MORE than $5,000 in 3 1/2
Lawrence Tam – $44,900
Toby and Layla – $34,450
Nick Bramble – $26,525
Jon Mroz – $13,825
Barbie Zabel – $13,450
Tracey Walker – $13,325 (happy birthday)
Robert Fore – $11,475
Beau Bridgewater – $10,725
Alex Zubarev – $10,325
Bryan Addison – $10,300
Carol Douthitt – $9,450
Kris Darty – $9,000
Kelly Williams – $8,950
Aaron and Sophia Rashkin – $8,925
Clay Montgomery – $8,750
Adam Whiting & Mike Hobbs – $8,400
Cynthia (the Social Cowgirl) $7,300
Franco Gonzalez – $7,250
Sam Levitz – $7,025
Jordan Schultz – $6,675
Ed from Ohio – $6,450
Jessica Darty – $6,425
Jaime Soriano – $6,375
Chris Rocheleau – $5,925
Charles Marshall – $5,750
Catherine Alexandra – $5,600
The MLM Brothers – $5,600
Bob Anderson – $5,100

When have you ever seen that many
people make $5,000 in 3 weeks?

For me:
Until now.



We have now proved something,
beyond a doubt…
…that it is the average man and woman
- not the Guru, who holds the most
important place online.
It is always about the people.
YOU are the people.

YOU are the Empower Network.


You did it.
Or did you?

To See it Now:

Or Betterstill Join them Now:

-David Wood
EN Co-Founder

comments pic comp

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$828,399.20 And A Million To YOU By Monday

I have one mission over the course of
today through Monday...
...and that's on the date of our three
week anniversary - I want to pay
you one million dollars ;) 

See, on Halloweed day - October
31st, I launched this animal called
The Empower Network.

I thought it would grow fairly fast,
because the idea was just too good.
It was something that put 'guru' earning
power into the hands of average people,
and brought simplicity back into the
marketing game...

...I guess I can't say 'back' because the
internet was never simple to market -
for anyone.

However, HOW FAST it grew I didn't
expect - or plan for.
I guess a lot more people than I thought
are sick of getting wussy commissions.
Check out our actual income disclosure:

(The page looks like crap - but is being
edited right now - that is live, updates
daily, and is real percentages and figures)
After you see it - you might want to
understand why so many people are
making money - you can learn how
if you watch this video:

After you see the video - you'll probably
want to join.  You can do that right now,
if you'd like - by clicking this link:

think this is one of the rare cases where
following FTC guidelines is actually going
to help us sell more - go ahead, look at it.
Here's the actual income disclosure again:

* note again - crappy looking, unfinished
page that just is reporting actual statistics.
keep in mind - we just launched 2 1/2
weeks ago.

When have you seen that many people
online make money at anything?  Let
alone two weeks.

I wanted to quote Tony Rush here - I just
showed him this, and he said:

"I'd put that up against any other company's
first month in the history of MLM"
The funny thing is - we're not even an
MLM company - we're just a lil' ol affiliate
funnel that pays you 100% commissions,
rather than some wussy bull crap.

So here's the payout again, but refreshed:
$828,974.20 <----- so about another $500
or so (give or take a bit - not good at math)
since I started writing this email about 10
minutes ago.

If you divide that by the number of days we've
existed - we've payed out an average of
$46,054.12 per day since launch - just
to give you an idea, if we keep that up
(and our traffic keeps doubling) - but
even if it doesn't keep doubling and we
just stay even, that will be:

$16,809,754.61 in commissions paid out
in only 12 months - directly into your
bank accounts.

So the goal is to pay out a million by Monday,
and if we just keep up our current numbers,
we'll pay out $138,162.36 between now and
then, which will leave us $32,863.44 shy of
the goal.
So I need your help.

Will you you promote like crazy with me,
so I can give you a million dollars?
The good thing is - what we're doing is
actually good for people, good for their
businesses, and is changing their lives,
so you can feel good going crazy for a
few days.

Here are just a few of the stories:
(then keep reading for instructions

So here's what you need to do to participate
in our million dollar payout plan:

Step 1:  Check out our actual income disclosure:

Step 2:  Watch this video (this was almost kept a secret):

Step 3:  Joinif you're not in yet:

If you are in - here's what you need to do:

First - make sure that you've bought everything,
so you can earn 100% commissions on each
product.  Here are the upgrade links - all you
need to do is login, and then visit the following

The Basic Membership - Click Here

The Inner Circle Membership Click Here

The Costa Rica Mastermind - Click Here

You'll need to be logged in - of course,
join first, if you're not in yet.

Go ahead and do that now:

Second - make sure that you've setup your
payment method - if you don't have a merchant
account yet or aren't in the states, you can use
a verified personal or business PayPal email -
all you have to do is pop your paypal email
in the profile area.  If you've got a merchant
account, make sure that info is setup and
ready to take orders.

Third - we're going to do a webinar bonanza
on Saturday - I think we're growing fast
enough that we can have a $100,000 pay
day - we might even be able to hit a
million dollars by Sunday.
All you have to do is watch your email,
copy, paste, and send.

Fourth - go crazy writing and syndicating
blog posts on both the Empower Network
blog and also on your personal one about
how we're going to hit a Million Dollars
in commissions by our 3 week anniversary.

I like to do a four step strategy:

1.  Email everyone - friends, opt in lists,
all of em every swipe file that Dave and I
send out.  (we send them out daily and
post them to the Empower Network blog)

2.  Post the swipe on a Facebook Note -
and syndicate it in your groups and social

3.  Voice Broadcast the message out to
everyone on your 'buyers' list telling them
about it.
4.  Send a postcard or a letter out to
everyone telling them about it - you
can literally modify the swipe - and
mail it out to everyone and it works
even better.
That's it - if you get in, align with us,
and we do that - we might even hit
$1.2 million by Monday :)

Are you in?
If not, that's ok - because rather than
getting the commissions - our other
members will.
There was a guy, not going to mention
his name - who joined, and then got
a little nervous and wasn't going to

I sent him an email and told him:
"You know if your contacts don't
join with you in this one - that it's
got enough buzz to where they'll
all join with me, right?"
He paused - thought about it - and

"You're right - I'm all in."
This guy has now made $10,400
in 2 weeks, and used the money
to pay off the rest of his mortgage.
Thanks to the Empower Network,
this guy is now 100% debt free.
Even more, though - $5,100 of that
is residual, monthly income.

That means that if he didn't get started,
he would have lost out on more than
$61,200 over the next 12 months.
The people would have joined anyways,
this is a tight niche - only that money
would have been deposited into someone
else's bank account, and this particular
guy wouldn't be 100% debt free.
Smart thing to get inwasn't it?

You can get in, too:

Align with us - let's lock arms...
...and fight the forces of evil :)
-David Wood
EN Co-Founder

P.S.  I just refreshed again, and now
we've paid out $829,499.20 in commissions,
$1,100 since starting this email - we now
have 6,621 paid members.

This is something different - in the words
of Pastor Dave Duncan:

"Stop Being A Wussy, and Get In"